Anyone buying APS-C is taking a punt now.

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Re: Anyone buying APS-C is taking a punt now.

Louis_Dobson wrote:

as I have been predicting for five years, FF costs have now fallen into the APS-C area. So if you build up and extensive range of APS-C lenses because you cannot currently afford FF, you are buying into dying system.

you might be right on the DSLR areana where APS is just a compromise, the old pre-digital DSLR Mounts are built for Full Frame thats true. But 3 modern mirrorless mounts are built for APS and i think one ogf those will definatively survive, with APS in it.

For those who are not cash strapped your options are:

Shoot mostly static objects, size and weight and issue - MFT.

I think also for moving objects - the Autofocus of micro4/3 gets better and better with each new camera release.

Shoot mostly moving objects, size and weight an issue - APS-C, for now, but you have a problem sunshine.

I think ASP mirrorless is just as m4/3 now, perhaps a bit less AF speed and a bit more megapixels.

Size and weight not an issue - FF.

ok, except if you like LCD Live view shooting, dont want to clean the sensor deep in the mount, or you want to post-check your images in the viewfinder instead of the LCD

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