RX100: Any Lensmate Filter System Reviews?

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Re: Only Phase Detect systems, such as a DSLR need a CPL, Linear is fine for RX100

Actually the limitation is not Phase Detect AF: any setup that use a Mirror, translucent or not, will require a Circular polarizer, because a mirror polarizes the image and you can't have two linear polarizers in the image path unless they are aligned.

So words written at a time where all AF cameras were using a mirror are now obsolete.

Similarly there are now Phase Detect AF systems that use special pixels on the sensor and don't require a mirror so the advice about Phase Detect AF is also obsolete. Any advice is only useful if the reason for the advice is also given, otherwise it becomes a magical belief, that people apply when it does not make sense.

I have seen advice that said linear polarizers are more effective but it did not say why so I don't know if it was true and if it is still true.

millsart wrote:

Phase Detect AF systems, such as the typical DSLR need a circular polarizer, but mirrorless cameras, such as point and shoots will work fine with linear polarizers.

There really is no difference between them either in terms of effect.


FocalPoint_L wrote:


My tests today were with a 49mm linear (old fashion) polarizer I had around from the film/manual focus days, and the camera focused and metered fine. But supposedly AF cameras should be used only with CPLs.

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