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I like it a lot for out-of-the-box results, and great highlight recovery

It's a very worthwhile and practical program. It is able to squeeze a LOT of juice out of RAW files, in fact, more than I saw other programs do before, and at the same time the results look nice, without undesirable color and contrast artifacts. The Adaptive Lighting implementation is genius.

I wouldn't wait until a PS plugin is released, I would start using it now for the features it has and the pleasing results it produces, especially from tough lighting situations. I come from an Aperture background, and before Aperture I was using Lightroom or ACR for about 5-6 years. Looks like PhotoNinja does very well what I need it to do, so I'm using it.

I run it on a 3 year old MacBook Pro with Intel Core 2 Duo, and 4 GB or RAM and it runs quite well. You must render (until batch processing is available), then save and close each photo, with a single click, after editing before going on to work on the next. Otherwise, if you have say 10 photos open and not saved, it will slow down as your computer will run out of resources. No biggie for me, as overall it allows me to work faster in terms of delivery of finished images.

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