Experiments with Nikon D600 exposure - seems too aggressive

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why and how I use Auto AF

Mako2011 wrote:

You would be surprised at how fast one can focus on the target they really want with just a little practice with "single". Nothing wrong with using the mode that best fits your needs/style though.

I had been shooting with a single AF point when I started. Then I started using the 'group AF' of the S5/D200 where the AF points are grouped into regions, and you can select the region then the camera will guess the desired AF point within that region. That is my favorite kind of AF. I don't know why Nikon doesn't include it anymore.

I then started experimenting with Auto AF and found that I could influence the AF point through my composition. For example, if my subject is at the far upper left corner, usually the AF Auto won't guess that. However, if I temporarily move the camera so that the target is near one of the nodes of the rule of thirds, it usually focuses on the target, then I recompose. It's not as big of a movement as the focus and recompose with the single center point. And with this method, I have a pretty good chance of getting the correct AF within two half-presses, which is really just a second or less, faster than I can move the AF point from one point to another if they are far apart. In this regard, I find that the D600 is faster and more predictable at picking the AF point than some of my older cameras, which is cool.

My method has limits, for example when I'm using a fisheye lens, the camera's guess is usually wrong. In those cases I do switch to single point AF.

I mean you checked after the shot. Nothing wrong with that. I'm only suggesting that one meter the mid tone and check the highlights with the meter before the shot. Just a different approach to metering and handy when doing comparison testing like this.

So if I understand correctly, when you say check the highlights with the meter, you're saying I should spot meter a relevant highlight to see how far above zone V it is? If that is what you're saying, that is of course very accurate but wouldn't work for my style of shooting which is very fast (I usually shoot my kids). As it is, my wife complains that I take too long to adjust the camera when I shoot (and usually I'm just fiddling with ambient/flash balance) :).

One note....the 4800FX AF unit is based on the 4800DX unit. snip.

Thanks I will look into this.

Best regards,

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