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I still use a D200 and it can produce excellent images with good light, but it is not handled well by Lightroom, it takes a lot of work to produce a good image,my M9 produces great images with much less effort in Lightroom.

The early signs from my recently acquired D800 are encouraging. I don't think we should worry unduly what is inside the sensor, just judge the results.

Likewise with the equipment , the Nikon with 24/70 f2.8 is an excellent tool to respond to a variety of shooting opportunities quickly, the M9 is discreet and I think one is more thoughtful. The combination of the two is brilliant.

The new M sounds a very interesting blend of the old and new but I suspect I will not change my M9 in a hurry!

I think the idea of splitting the M into a no frills digital rangefinder AND a rangefinder combined with modern mirror less camera, EVF, focus peaking , GPS, grips, video etc is brilliant , as the new camera can be stripped back to the basic form as well.

I suspect Leica would not go down this route if the new sensor is anything less than outstanding , looking forward to seeing the comparison shots when they become available.

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