Canon shuts down China factories

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Re: Historical note: China v. Japan

In a post apocalyptic or possibly an apocalyptic world what precise use would you have for silver?

Extracting silver from fixer via electrolysis used to be one of my daily jobs some 30 years ago, it was a particularly unappealing metal apart from the fact that I got to make some lovely A0 sized prints on a regular daily basis

It was a useful photographic metal but I find it hard to imagine how it will help me and my family survive after the next economic, social or environmental apocalypse?

dnral wrote:

Good for them. I knew a couple of Jews that drove BMW's-I thougt it to be strange given the history. Why do they vote for deomcrats? Have you noticed how the Dems and the Administration are treating Israel?

The world is starting to go up in flames. It is becoming dangerous. Save you money and buy silver and food that you can store.

Cameras and lenses will be cheap on ebay soon.



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