Time to ditch the DSLR?

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Re: Time to ditch the DSLR?

To say someone is not much of a photographer because they don't or can't manual focus is a little far reached but I get the sentiment. However just as many iconic moments have been shot with manual focus possibly more have been shot with autofocus. Just because they are more recent doesn't make them any less valid as historic pieces.

As for the issue of primes etc.. I'm pretty sure all Canon primes are noticeably bigger and bulkier than all Leica M glass.

I keep getting teased by the promise of high ISO and that's what's pulling me back towards DSLRs. Perhaps I should just keep what I have until it all falls apart and in the meantime just change up my M9 for the new M in the new year.

I actually just finishes shooting a 6 day event and because I had so much time there I spent a while shooting it on the m9. I used a 35mm and 75mm and so far the shots are looking pretty good. Perhaps once I'm back home and edited the pics I will pop up a gallery and share it with you all.

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