Low Price for FZ200?

Started Sep 20, 2012 | Discussions thread
had2B Forum Member • Posts: 76
Re: Low Price for FZ200?

DB1701 wrote:

Finally got the memory card, I dont see a 30 min countdown with those settings... still learning how to use the camera though so I could be wrong.

so, your good to go. i think you'll like it.

re the 29m59s limit: to test that you need to rotate the mode dial to Creative Video mode (movie camera symbol with 'M' next to it. next press the Q.Menu button (bottom right of the back panel). next press the menu button to give access to the recording quality, and select AVCHD/PSH

now if you see the countdown timer showing more than 29m59s at the bottom right of the display then we are in business, and i'd be tempted to buy from cameraparadise myself.

could you please confirm your findings to the eager masses. many thanks!

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