M43 as a stepping stone for larger formats

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Re: M43 as a stepping stone for larger formats

Yeah, that's what I would have wrote if I had to go in to the specifics. All the posts until now just assumes that I'm a newbie not knowing how to handle a camera or that I'm a troll.

I own 3 Zeiss lenses, two Sony flashes and a camera that can take professional pictures of people without resorting to using long focal lengths when photographing people. If I want some creamy bokeh in a portrait when using a 35mm equiv. focal length, I got it with NEX. Not so much with m43, per my opinion.

I learned how to frame and take good photos on M43 gear, now I use the laws of physics (big sensor) to take even greater pictures. Big deal, everyone knows bigger sensor gives better control over the pictures, and how great it will look to the customer.

seachicken2000 wrote:

Torq wrote:

NEX as a (more) "professional" system? It has a larger sensor and a stop-better high-ISO performance and that's about it.

That's not all. A full frame NEX body has just been announced.

Where's the glass?

There's very little you can't mount on a NEX body, and the range of A-mount AF lenses is broad, and contains some top notch glass.

Where's the flash system?

The Sony Alpha flash system supports multiflash wireless TTL, high speed sync etc.

Where's the ability to shoot objects moving in a three dimensional space?

NEX bodies are capable of AF tracking through the LA-EA2 PDAF adapter.

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