6D - all official samples are out, thoughts

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Re: 6D - all official samples are out, thoughts

I wonder if we should assume the subject was the tree?

To my mind the subject in this shot was the Milky Way with a few earth bound props to give it some context

Even with the star trail blur due to the long exposure, this is a great shot of our galaxy, the point of the high ISO in this case is to get the shortest star trails possible while still having good noise performance, I might be able to do a better shot with a motorised equatorial mount but then the foreground trees would be blurred.

Essentially this was quite a hard shot to get and while plenty of other cameras are perfectly capable of getting this shot the 6D has done a nice job in my view.

The Baobab tree shot with the Milky Way was taken at Large JPEG Fine quality (compression 6). But maybe Canon compressed it more for the web.
The EXIF also shows the location very nicely:

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