London "street" shooting - first impressions of X-pro1 firmware 2.0 in use

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Re: London "street" shooting - first impressions of X-pro1 firmware 2.0 in

Cheers! The AF isn't that slow any more, at least in good light. If I am in a position to MF in bad light which I think I now very much am (following the update), it's fine. I might get the zoom and its linear motor for situations where more rapid focus is required.

To be honest the best aspect of the FW update is the camera just seems snappier, rather than the AF being so much faster. The camera begs to be used now in a way that it didn't before.

I should say thanks to Chris Dodkin for some good ideas on how to use Lightroom with X-Pro1 RAWs.

max metz wrote:

The black and white shots are superb, the toning is very impressive indeed. The colour too has a gentle richness not normally seen.

All up if the trade off for this quality is slower focus then so be it, there is rarely anything that is a free lunch and on balance, for me, the better image quality wins out in the inevitable compromise involved in any camera choice.

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