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Re: Historical note: China v. Japan

DonnyHiFi wrote:

What a load of drivel, please read the provided link below and educate yourself,

That is a joke. From the same above link you conviniently didn't mention under "Controversy" section. Japon still has not officially used the most formal word "apologize" in Japanese - 謝る. I think you need to read and understand throughly.

I quoted the link you provided below,

Demands for an apology and compensation have been a recurring topic in South Korean, Taiwanese, and Chinese politics. Many people, including high-ranking officials and scholars, criticized them, saying that those apologies, which are usually made followed by denial of war crimes by the Japanese lawmakers, as inadequate and insincere.[citation needed]

In October 2006, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's apology was followed on the same day by a group of 80 Japanese lawmakers' visit to the Yasukuni Shrine which enshrines more than 1000 convicted war criminals.[54] Two years after the apology, Shinzo Abe also denied that the Imperial Japanese military had forced comfort women into sexual slavery during World War II .[55]

In 2010, one comfort woman from Taiwan stated, "It’s unacceptable that the Japanese government still refuses to apologize for what it did." President Ma Ying-jeou also declared, "It is the responsibility of the Japanese government to admit its mistakes and apologize... The battle is not over yet and it is regretful that the Japanese government still refuses to face its mistakes."[56]

You need to understand where this Anti-Japanese protest came from this time? It's Japan provoked by nationalized the disputed island that in history belong to China. It destroyed the mutual understanding between China and Japan governments since 1972 that put aside the dispute and not to touch the island.

China has claimed the island as early as in 15th century in the Ming dynasty. The island is not in any Japanese maps even in late 19th century. Neither country controlled the island before WWII (after several dynasty changes in China). Ironically US then intended to return the island to pro-US Chinese government then ROC but President Chiang Kai-shek refused before PRC took over China in 1949 (and President Chiang retreated to Taiwan and still with official name Republic of China). Follow by decades of cold war between US and China, US handovered the Diaoyu island together with Ryukyuan islands in 1971 and Japan since controlled the disputed island. UN and other countries including US never officially recognized Japan’s ownership of the island. It’s still a disputed island in theory but under Japanese control.

qianp2k wrote:

carlk wrote:

1937? That was what, 75 years ago isn't it? Japan lost the war and paid the price. They have acted in a very civilized manner since. That's something you can't say about China during the time. They really need to put the history behind and worry about their own lives and their own issues.

Yes it's 1937-1945, 8 years painful history to China and other counties, even much longer to Korea. As someone said, Japan never apologized no mention compensated to the neighbor countries it invaded and destroyed. In comparison, Germany officially apologized, paid huge compensations to the victim countries, setup memorial monuments in its soil for the victims (including its own people) and passed the law to forbid Nazi principles and even words (yes that is the only "free speech" illegalized in Germany). What Japan has done? Nothing except empty "regret" words. Seriously the history of Japanese invasion to its neighbor countries has not officially resolved. It seems Japan never learn the lesson and may pay a big price later.

NancyP wrote:

LONG HISTORY of conflict here, some within living memory. Note that Japan has never officially apologized for the 1937 Nanjing Massacre. The Chinese populace is more easily roused by anti-Japan sentiments than other (presumably Party-initiated) anti- sentiments, due to this bitter history. Yes the Japanese have changed. But I know American Jews, who had no close relatives die in the Holocaust, still refuse to consider buying German goods like VW.

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