My next Sony will be a full frame but it may not be the a99.

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Re: Vertical Shooting with VG-900?

Kirk Tuck wrote:

Someone mentioned that this camera is only contrast detection but I thought I read that there was also a PD AF on sensor with this implementation of the a99 sensor. Isn't that correct

Not sure about how well on sensor PDAF work, but I don't think LAEA3 that comes with VG900 has SLT mirror. And LAEA2 will only work in APSC crop mode. Native E-mount lenses, which are much faster with CDAF will only work in crop APSC mode also. VG900 would be fine as manual focus camera, just like Canon C300 or Sony F3, for example, but forget AF.

However, VG900 is like $3300. For a little more money, video people will get FS100, which despite smaller sensor (similar to APSC) has much better video quality, as the sensor is optimized for video only.

If I were you, and money wasn't an issue, I would get A99 + FS100. They will compliment each other better. The video quality (sharpness, less moire, DR in video) is most likely better on FS100 than both A99 and VG900.

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