FoCal microadjust on EF-100mm macro - strange results

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Re: FoCal microadjust on EF-100mm macro - strange results

Thanks Miroslav and Photonius for your responses.

Miroslav, I'm sorry that FoCal crashed on you and had to be uninstalled/reinstalled and you had to resort to system restore. If it is of any comfort, I calibrated 5 lenses and FoCal Pro crashed twice. They weren't serious enough, though, as to necessitate reinstallation of the program. Terminating the running process and restarting the programme was sufficient for me. I guess FoCal is still very buggy at this stage.

Photonius, many thanks for your detailed explanation. For me, although FoCal did not work the way I had initially thought it would with my 5D3/100macro combo, the final resolution that it afforded me was quite pleasant. Calibrating the 100mm at its usual working distance (6-12 inches) did not make any difference BUT in a way that is good - because it means that the lens is (at macro distances) 'largely immune' from back/front focussing issues (for no matter what values I dial in the focus is still right). And, for the occasional portrait shot on the 100mm at say 10 to 15 feet away, FoCal's calibration of +15 corrects the back focus that otherwise exists at that particular distance. So, it's like the best of both worlds in the most unanticipated manner.

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