Moving on... to a 5D MII. Help!

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Re: Moving on... to a 5D MII. Help!


the 5D II is a great Camera if you need FF...the 60D is a good camera for eveyday shoots..

you dont know what to buy..i cant not blame you..but here is what you really need to know..

ask youself what kind of fotos do i shoot? is it ..portraits etc..then you can figure out what to buy...

the problem is that a lot of people think that FF is like the ultimate..well it is great if you need it and if you have the right lenses too...

bugsnest wrote:

Before you condemn me for posting in the wrong forum, please hear me out

I was the victim of a theft that resulted in my entire camera bag with my 60D and some very expensive lenses going. I don't want to relive that memory but if anyone's interested here's the post on it -

Cut to a few months later, I am in the process of benefiting from insurance coverage so am back in the market! I am treading cautious this time and looking at all my options including Nikon since I have to rebuild my gear from scratch.

I originally thought of going back to a 60D then saw the 6D announcement and wondered if that ought to be my next camera. Suffice to say all the reading has left me very underwhelmed by the 6D and for the price, I find it hard to justify!!

Last night I came across the Beachcamera deal on Ebay for the 5D MII with the printer and rebate (here, in case anyone's interested - ).

I figured after the rebate, Ebay cashback and the sale of the printer, this would cost me $1500 or thereabouts and that's a steal for a 5D MKII new!! So I jumped on it.

But now am having second thoughts

I realized I loved my 60D for a couple of things - the swivel LCD, the really nice video capability in the few instances I choose to take video of kids and the general ease of use (I had upgraded from a T2i). I also realize the 5D M2 is a flagship brand and puts me in full-frame territory but will I miss some of simple pleasures of the 60D? Will I overwhelm myself with this new beast? Will I be limited in any way??

It may be buyer's remorse and I'm trying to justify the price. I shoot pictures of kids - portraits, recitals, some sports but not a lot and general photography that normal folks do. I don;t specialize in a single area, is what I'm trying to say.


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