first dslr on a budget

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Re: first dslr on a budget

The D50 is old by DSLR standards. The controls are nice, but the LCD display will be lacking compared to newer cameras. It does have a drive motor in the body, which is good for non AF-S lenses. The D90 is the D50 replacement, and the D7000 is the D90 replacement.

Speaking of lenses, that will be a big part of your budget if you are planning on doing airshows. The cheapest Nikon lens suitable for airshows would be the 55-300, the next step up being the 70-300 (which I use).

Since the D50 is long out of production, you would be buying one used. Personally, I wouldn't go with a D50 unless you got it for almost free. If you can swing it, go for a factory-refurbished D5100 with some decent lenses. The 18-55VR is a great starter lens for close up work, but you'll need something with 300mm or longer for anything like airshows.

si1969 wrote:

I'd like to move to a dslr after using Panasonic FZ "bridge" cameras.

I'm attracted by a used d50 or similar, and then noticed that a d3100 isn't much more money. What are the pros and cons please?

I'll be using it for family portraits and the odd airshow.


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