John Carlson is either a poor Pentax historian or

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Re: John Carlson is either a poor Pentax historian or

baldeagle21b wrote:

Harold Olivier wrote:

(I searched the forum to see if this topic had been posted already, but found nothing.

The Carlson-bashing thread is about twenty topics down - next time use your eyes.

Thanks so much for your helpful advice. As I noted, and you quoted, I used the search engine on this site and found nothing on the topic of my post. Are you referring to the thread entitled "John Carlson is repeating himself"? Possibly not, since that thread doesn't seem to qualify as a 'Carlson-bashing thread'. The topic of my post was about Carlson's error about the K-mount's history. There is nothing in that thread about that topic. If you know of some other more relevant thread I'd very much appreciate it if you would point to it specifically. In a forum whose contents change frequently saying the thread is 'about twenty topics down' doesn't seem specific enough.

And again, thanks for your effort to help. Many people writing in this forum aren't so nice as you and if they had noticed my post they would likely only try for a cheap and feeble slam.

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