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Re: Hours late...

Harold66 wrote:

Joseph S Wisniewski wrote:

Harold66 wrote:

Joseph S Wisniewski wrote:

Harold66 wrote:

Well I think we will
from Leica probably..

Excellent prediction you made there, two hours after Leica announced the new M and M-E.

Can you predict anything else that anyone has just announced? D600? 6D?


I posted this before the announcement was made. You could check it easily

I did.

but why bother . you always prefer sarcasm anyway

No sarcasm. But now I've caught you in a lie.

Nothing surprises me coming from you

I could say much the same about you. And the odds are that I'd be right.

of course , because everyone knows you are always right . Gosh your postings are pathetic in so many ways

Now, now, boys ... shake hands, be good friends - and go out to play together

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