Rx 100 or 600d

Started Sep 20, 2012 | Discussions thread
mark moe Senior Member • Posts: 1,446
Can you borrow a DSLR?

See if you can borrow DSLR. Any brand will do, it's all about traveling with that sized camera. A lot of us have found that we leave our DSLRat home because the RX is so much smaller and easier to use and still takes great pictures.

The main picture category the RX will have trouble with his sports action due to its lack of Zoom, other than that, it does a fine job and approximates results of DSLR in many cases.

To me it's all about how much camera you're willing to travel with.for the most part I use my small camera but in specific instances I use my camera system which includes several lenses and a couple flashes the split is more like 85% small camera and 15% large camera most of my pictures are family pictures and events and travel. I use my large camera and a 70 to 200 2.8 lens for my sports photography because it's the only set up I found that works well from a distance.

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