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You could. Usually I don't, if I'm spot-metering. I just set it two "big lines" to the left on the meter in the viewfinder.

Not to be obtuse about this but there are no lines to 'adjust to the left' when its on AutoISO. After locking exposure and trying to make an A or S adjustment to the left the ISO changes and everything is still centered on the cam meter. This is where setting a fixed ISO allows you make that visible change i mentioned before.

PS. It does work if A is wide open but not when stopped down to say f 8

You're not understanding.

First, what camera are you using? Does it have a meter display in the viewfinder?

Second, as I explained, you lock exposure AFTER you set it, not the other way around.

Do this: put your camera in spot meter, point it at the brightest thing in the frame you want to keep, set your SS and/or aperture so that the meter reads 2 stops over center (to the left), then lock the exposure. Auto-ISO will set the ISO at whatever it needs to, based upon your chosen SS and aperture. If ISO is already at it's lowest point and you're still over-exposed, just add some shutter speed before you lock it.

Simple and easy.

Actually, let me re-phrase.

When you're spot-metering, you set the exposure so that you get the lowest ISO possible, but still maintain the SS and aperture that you need. So, you could just apply -2 EC. Make more sense?

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