EF 200-400mm f4l coming this year-end ?

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Re: I'd choose the Sigma 120-300/2.8 OS

Firstly, same league? That's all a bit vague. Say you've got 20 teams in a football league. The bottom team is rubbish and wins nothing, the top team wins everything. Saying they're in the same league just glosses over the fact one team is crap and the other isn't.

Secondly, I'd be mightily peeved if a £5k (UK) lens didn't perform as well as a £1k (UK) lens.

ljfinger wrote:

rebel99 wrote:

LOL, the only problem is that the sigma jellybean lenses are not in the same league as Canon or Nikon big primes, but i am glad you are happy happy zooming.

I have a Sigma 15mm fisheye that's every bit as good as my 35/1.4L. Two friends of mine that I trust have had the old version of the 120-300 and both said it was in the same league as the 300/2.8L, and both had that lens too. Romy (liquidstone) has the Sigma 300-800 and he showed it was every bit as good as the 400/5.6L, but not quite as good as the 400/2.8L.

Since this 120-300 is now new-and-improved twice , it remains to be seen if it's really inferior to the competition, but the experience above shows that it might well be a solid performer.

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