HX20 Bizarre glitch

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Re: HX20 Bizarre glitch

I sent my HX20 in to the Sony Repair Center in Laredo, Texas. I included a letter carefully explaining everything that was happening with it. A few days after its arrival, my wife gets a phone call from Sony saying that they checked the camera out and it meets all factory specifications. Would I please call to give the technician more information? I call. I'm on hold as they try to reach the technician, but they are unable to. I call again the next day. Same result. In the meantime, I email the technician, repeating what was in my letter and adding some more thoughts, including what was mentioned here about the control wheel. I get no response. After a few days, I email the technician again, "Did you get my first email? Are you finding anything wrong?" Again, I get no response. Then I get an email from Sony that my camera is being returned to me. Just that, no explanation. They do at least provide a tracking number.

I get another email from Sony BEFORE my camera arrives back home, "Would you please take this survey on how your experience was with the Sony Repair Center?" I did take it and it wasn't pretty.

The camera arrived home with a note. "This camera was tested and found to meet all factory specifications."

So far it's working. My hope is that maybe in testing it, cleaning it (if they did) they fixed something.
But even if they did, I find Sony's customer service severely lacking.
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