Not sure about the X10

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Re: Not sure about the X10


I've been using the X10 since November 11. Until last year, my favorite compact camera was the Canon G10 (at ISO 80).
After almost one year, the bottom line is:

  • I have only one major concern with the X10: dust in the lens and on the sensor. It's sickening.

  • Image quality: in bright light, my G10 at ISO 80 is still my favorite compact ! But in low light the X10 is amazing. I almost never use the 12 MP resolution. The X10 is better at 6 MP IMO, with beautiful colors, great DR and very natural-looking images. I use either an EXR mode or a personal 6 MP setting.

  • I like the manual zoom and the beautiful X10 LCD.

  • I don't even try to use RAW X10 images anymore. X10 JPEGs are excellent IMO. I have tried hard to process raw files with lightroom but it's not worth the extra time IMO, in contrast with the Canon RAW that are really useful.

  • That said, the X10 is a small sensor compact camera that cannot and will never compete with my DSLRs. I purchased it because I wanted a small compact camera that has the ability generate usable images in low light, and in that respect the X10 is almost a dream tool. There's a learning curve to really enjoy this camera, but it's now my favorite toy. I'm eager to see what Fuji has (hopefully) learned from the X10 flaws and what X11 will be... I think they have an opportunity to make a really amazing camera.

The painful dust issue is clearly a major disappointment though.

Good luck!

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