My next Sony will be a full frame but it may not be the a99.

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Re: Vertical Shooting with VG-900?

Let's try it first and see how it works out. My earlier response was directed at the poster who put up a video of people driving around in a car shooting the camera on a grey and dismal day. It did not seem like an appropriate sample or one that you could make any sort of technical judgement from. I think the best way to judge video performance is to shoot video with good technique (on a stable tripod) and in ways you normally use it and then make your assessments. Not in flat light, handheld, etc.

Sorry the posting got out of order.

I agree that the form factor is different than we're used to for shooting portraits. Someone mentioned that this camera is only contrast detection but I thought I read that there was also a PD AF on sensor with this implementation of the a99 sensor. Isn't that correct? But, even if it is only CD I think it's well mitigated by the inclusion of focus peaking which I find to be a quick and sure way of working both in stills and video.

I tend to shoot more in the studio and, in video, on controlled locations with lighting and time to get stuff locked down. You may shoot "run and gun" video or sports in still imaging so your mileage will vary.

I think with new technologies like the VG 900 it's very important to depend more on your own hands on analysis than web reviews or anecdotal evidence. We'll know soon enough since it seems destined to be in stores very quickly.

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