Ring vs Gear Type Nikon AF-S lense

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Ring vs Gear Type Nikon AF-S lense

Ring type AF-S is faster, we all know that but which lense have Ring type AF-S Vs Gear type? how can you tell from just looking at the lense? Well on Nikon AF-S Ring type it has 10 contact points where the lense coupled with the camera. RING TYPE AF-S HAVE 10 CONTACT POINTS AND GEAR TYPE AF-S HAVE 8 CONTACT POINTS.

24-70mm f2.8G
70-200mm f2.8G VR1 and 2
105mm f2.8G VR
and generally all 300mm and above prime lenses that have AF-S and VR

The rest have gear AF-S.
Including :
24mm F1.4G
35mm F1.4G
50mm F1.4G
85mm F1.4G

Just be aware and know why it some of the expansive lense focus drive is slow.
I found this information online and just want to share my new found knowledge.


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