Canon Executive explains why 6D has only one X point

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Re: Again on cross points

ultimoamore wrote:

MM1 wrote:

The power of D600's outer points is in the possibility of using a pack of them at once. With Canon you can use only one at a time.

Is that speculation? I mean: most people here complain that they have to focus and recompose, which with short DOF (which is one of the reasons to use FF) can mean out of focus picts. The reason we don't use outer points is that they're not reliable.

But "a cluster" of points doesn't sound more reliable to me. If I choose a point on someone's eye, I want that point. Not "the one close that could focus".

The body might average the information and get more accurate focusing distance from multiple points. Not always, of course. But on the other hand, most of the AF systems work with points much bigger than the indicated boxes anyway, with Canon only few bodies have "spot focus" option. So sometimes you don't escape that wide area even with a single point.

Now I understand that this "cluster" might be an advantage in action/sports, but for portraits is it really better???

To rephrase: we (canonians) are complaining about:

  • the total number of points (vs d600)


  • the fact that there's only 1 cross type (vs d600)?

Personally? I'd like 9 high precision points with the option of having assist ones around, just like 1D3 AF. Well that might be expensive, so either 60D/7D AF module would be acceptable or good enough for $2000 FF camera.

To me the problem is that we have 1 cross type only. But I don't see d600 as better at this: its cross points are all centered. Still focus&recompose I think...

Now for action this might be different.

So overall there are more options with D600.

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