D600 AF Coverage?

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Re: Same way on all Nikon FX

Great discussion. I shoot people exclusively, at least the stuff I care about.

Looking at the pictures, I know it's not a huge diff percentage wise from the d800. However, it looks like you can't even do a basic rule of thirds focusing on one's eye with the d600, which I know you can on the d800 from personal use of one. I know rules are meant to be broken and I could always crop, but just seems like a really big compromise for what I do. Obviously, if I was doing landscapes it wouldn't matter much.

Also, I agree with many that it's not the number of AF points that's most important. I'd be fine with 11 or 21 if they covered more area.

BackInTheGame wrote:

It is the same on the D300s compared to the D700/D800/F3/F4. It is the same focus module and requires the same space in the viewfinder. It is not a problem, and it is not going to change. It is one of the primary highlights of DX cameras for birds, and it is an important reason for the success of the D300.

Read Thom Hogan's explanation for the reason focus points are clustered as tightly as they are. It's all about light hitting the points as directly as possible.

If you don't want a D600 because of this, you don't want any full frame camera because they are all in the same boat.

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