Visiting Africa. Where to go?

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Re: Visiting Africa. Where to go?

3 weeks are quite a bit of time but also not a lot to visit an entire country

My wife and I just spent 3 weeks covering Namibia and Botswana and while we had the trip of a lifetime, I wish we had spent more time in Namibia

3 weeks is not too long, in fact I believe it is just right for Namibia


Jan3x5 wrote:

Hey Jan!

In my opinion, Namibia should be perfect place for the very first trip to Africa (as some other countries). However, as you mentioned that it might be not just a first, but also the last trip to Africa for you, think twice of where to go and plan properly. Especially considering the fact that 3 weeks is quite a lot of time!

In this case, I would suggest you to consider visiting more countries... If you already decided for Namibia, what about to combine it with Botswana (e.g. Chobe NP and Okavango Delta) and even Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe? With such trip, you can enjoy virtually everything - landscapes, desert, wildlife, people...everything top notch. There are other options as well, e.g. if you are looking seriously for the wildlife, Tanzania is a sure shot and you can even combine it with Uganda, or even Zambia or Madagascar...

For sure, it does not make any sense to be in hurry, running through several countries and not fully enjoying it. But within three weeks, you can enjoy so many great things in Africa... Last but not least, I strongly recommend you to find the best local travel agency specialized in Africa and consult with them. That's what we are actually doing and it always paid off! It is always good to talk and plan with the guys, who have been at all places you can consider, being able to answer you every single question asked.

Anyway, wish you a nice journey and let's see, if it will be really the last trip there.


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