My review of the new Olympus 60/2.8 Macro is up!

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Re: My review of the new Olympus 60/2.8 Macro is up!

The pot calling the kettle black!

jim stirling wrote:

Ming Thein wrote:

With the D800, you're trading off DOF for diffraction softening, so to get the same depth of field and perspective/ FOV as the M4/3 gear, you have to use significantly smaller apertures - end result is that diffraction robs a good deal of that extra resolution.


No you get the exact same amount of diffraction at equivalent DOF. What you do get with the D800 is far more detail, better DR better shadow performance and so on if any of this matters. It is unfortunate that you have to attack other systems to support your favoured one. I am afraid much as I admire your photography and I am indeed interested in the 60mm to replace my 50mm F2 . Your review as wih other "review" you have done reads more like advertising copy

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