Canon Executive explains why 6D has only one X point

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Re: Again on cross points

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ultimoamore wrote:

If cross points are so close to the center in d600, is 6d focusing system so much worse? Aren't users of d600 going to focus and recompose anyway?

Well I think that on D600, you can always use the selected point and the cluster of points around it. So the camera will aways get more information about the distance than 6D gets from a single linear sensor.

That doesn't change the fact that you have to focus & recompose, which seems to be the real problem with 5D I & II and (on paper) with 6D.

You will have to focus/recompose with 6D, I didn't deny that. I was saying that with D600, you might not need to focus/recompose, because AFAIK you can place several tightly clustered linear sensors on the target.

And mind you, a cross sensor is nothing else but 2 linear sensors in perpendicular placement. Now, the D600's cluster is oriented all the same, but there will be more of those linear sensors... And with 6D's peripheral sensors, you only get one.

What I'm saying is:

1) since cross-type points are in the center on d600, they will not help with the "focus & recompose" problem.

D600 has 30 more sensors, which you should be able to use in clusters, hence get better performance.

2) there's no evidence that 9 cross-type points will be better than 1 (-3ev) for center-focusing;

Of course, in deep darkness the -3EV sensor will have an advantage.

Of course, this is totally on paper; plus, as I said, I know nothing of autofocus systems...

Take a look into those, it is worth a bit of study.

Maybe the outer points in d600 are supposed to be better than canon's???

The power of D600's outer points is in the possibility of using a pack of them at once. With Canon you can use only one at a time.

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