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Re: About Kodak...

Kodak has already had its name put on inferior products, which is a great way to erode their brand appeal. I think it's too late for what you're suggesting.

I think it would be nice to have another big player in the SLR game, but even Sony with their considerable resources seems to be having trouble becoming a third major SLR manufacturer.

PhotoKhan wrote:

HB1969 wrote:

Such a shame that Kodak invented digital photography (according to wikipedia at least) and they are virtually invisible in the market today.

Regarding Kodak, I feel like investors are a bit distracted.

Once, I saw a marketing study that postulated that the Coca-Cola brand is such a powerful one that, should it be wiped from the face of the earth by a imaginary and oddly selective disaster, it could be ressuracted and running with about the same levels of recognition and comercial efficiency in about 1 year.

The Kodak name is just about as powerful.

...I really hope there's some big money around that, once this bankruptcy process is over, ramsons the brand and starts to cash in on it, big time.


(PS: Ricoh, for instance, could very well switch the name, stop being the micro player they are and create a DSLR division... If they could raise the cash for such a massive endeavour, that is...)
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