Fuji x-pro1 video quality - example music video.

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Re: Fuji x-pro1 video quality - example music video.

Fundamentally I come from a background of cassette tape quality sound - yeah, guess what, I'm living the dream with the x-pro1's sound. Of course, its not great, but I do think its really adequate.

For my home movies its just fine and I can geth the visuals I want with the narrow DOF, so not too worried about sound focus. If I produce a home movie to a music trakc, its evern less important.

On taking video of only stationary people this is an interesting issue. Its not always that obvious I think but if you have a very narrow dof its tough to get some machine to do great auto focus and tracking on that. I think really high end video cameras do it and do it okay. So if you want a blurred background to get jaw-dropping (3D) visuals, you have to take a little bit of a hit.

As it goes if I'm videoing my kids I;ll stop id down to f7 and all is okay.

Glad you like the music !

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