Sony NEX-6 review from Pocket-lint

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re: That part is disappointing

indeed, esp. in comparison to N1's OSPDAF performance; guys at
the PocketLint tried to sweeten the blow, though (even if it was
just words):

"The latest hybrid autofocus system is also said to cater for continuous autofocus during burst shooting. It won't necessarily be as fast, depending on how the subject is behaving, but it did a good enough job in our hands. Saying that, continuous autofocus is never a failsafe compact system camera option, and it's an area that accuracy could still be increased for both the NEX-6 and compact system cameras as a whole.

Otherwise the hybrid AF system works well for the most part; we didn't even really think much about it in use. But it doesn't fix all previous NEX issues: in low light, for example, the camera may not be able to define a single focus point (or group of points) even if the AF-assist lamp is deployed, and instead throws up a generalised dotted rectangle around the majority image area. It's still possible to fire the shutter but it's difficult to ascertain exactly where focus is. It's hard, therefore, to judge whether the addition of phase detection - which will further eat away at battery life - makes a significant enough contribution to the model. The autofocus isn't as quick as competitors such as the Panasonic G5 or Olympus OM-D for example".


win39 wrote:

I had hoped that Sony's implementation of hybrid focus would at least be in the performance neighborhood of the hybrid focus in the Nikon 1. The rest of the camera seems really nice and a more flexible sensor than the NEX 7 which is cranky with a lot of lenses. Wish the 6 had come before the 7. I know which one I would have bought.

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