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Re: Great camera, but I think the market is different...

Ray Sachs wrote:

bikeguy wrote: one fine piece of equipment for photojournalism and street work, not to mention low light stuff...

The thing that will separate the RX1 from other fine small cameras is its full frame IQ, which should be spectacular. This allows for the best possible shallow DOF shooting (given the limits of an f2.0 lens, but that's still very very narrow). The low light should be marginally better than a good APS sensor, but frankly, low light performance is already getting SOOOOOO good in almost all new sensors that I don't think this is really a practical advantages as much as a technical one.

So it will be GREAT for landscape and artistic photographers who want ultimate IQ and narrow DOF. But for street and documentary work, I have my doubts. It will have focus peaking, but will it have a distances scale? I have yet to see a recent Sony camera with one. A depth of field scale? Ditto. The auto focus should be very good for contrast detect but I'd bet its no faster than the RX100 and that's good, but not all that good.

I know that for street shooting, the highest possible image quality is not really a necessity for me. Neither is shallow DOF - generally I want DEEP DOF to work with zone focus so I can worry about the moment rather than achieving focus lock. Based on my experience, I'd say the X100 or GXR-28, or a number of m43 cameras with the existing 12mm lens (and proposed 17mm) with the manual focus/distance scale lens are all better street cameras than the RX1 is likely to be.

Don't get me wrong - I think the RX1 will be an amazing camera for people who like narrow DOF, spectacular IQ, and are OK with a fixed focal length. I think it would be a great travel camera for fixed focal length lovers. I'd love to have one myself, but at about half the price. I just don't think it's gonna be that good of a street or photo-journalism camera. There'll be a market for it, but I don't think its that one...


you got a good point there about more depth of field for street photography.
Which to my mind is about zone focusing.

maybe fuji X100 would be a great budget street camera.
and its silent too.

NOW you got me re-thinking this RX1...

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