D600 sample shots, looks just like any other camera.

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Couldn't agree more ... Re: nope

If you crop on a D4, D800,D600 ... is the same to crop in PPing, exactly the same IQ.

The only bad (apart fps, buffer, MP & lenses) is the smaller DX view on the FX Viewfinder. That's why D300's owners want the D400 already.

sjgcit wrote:

Full frame is always going to give you better image quality than a smaller sensor.

Ah yes, the arbitrary use of the word "always". Where would we be without these generalizations ?

Image quality is the quality of the image as a whole, and for most people they'll never notice the difference in DX and FX sensors, but would be better off putting the effort into using good lenses and developing good technique, including lighting.

What camera and lens is best for a shot ? The one you have with you. Which camera and lens are best for a shot ? The one that's the best tool for the job. That could be a P&S, it could be an LF system.

What it's not is "always" anything.

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