Traveling to Asia – Keep Olympus E-P3 or buy a DSLR (Pentax K-30?)

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Re: Traveling to Asia – Keep Olympus E-P3 or buy a DSLR (Pentax K-30?)

Hi Jacoob,

Jacoob wrote:

I have Olympus EP3 with kit lens 14-42 (and EVF) at the moment.

There are several good posts in this thread already. Here's a few other ideas. The best camera to take is the one that you're used to.

  • It will take you no effort to make great photos with your E-P3 + 14-42, but it will take you quite a bit of effort to get used to any other camera. "How did I change ISO again ?" "Why is the white balance off now ? My Olympus did this differently."

  • I've traveled a bit in Asia myself, mostly with a 28-50-90 prime lens setup for a film camera. That's exactly the range you'll be having in your zoom. Of course, my primes were a bit faster at f1.4 for the 50 and f2 for the 90. This helped at night (and Asia is beautiful at night). But I've also done a lot of work with a fixed lens 28/f3.5 film compact with an ISO800 film. Ah, of course, none of my cameras was weathersealed whatsoever.

Take what you're used to. Then use it in all possible situations. You'll end up being very comfortable making photos, which will result in good photos.

Possibly, you discover while you travel that you need an extra lens. I found that out in Japan and bought a 200mm prime for more reach in some situations. But that's not something you can predict. For travel, the E-P3 + 14-42 is a great combo to start with.


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