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RC 701 and RC 251

HB1969 wrote:

I was having a look at the progress of digital camera technology you do ... and found Canon's first PRO digital camera

Released in 1995 it had (I kid you not) a 1.3MP sensor and cost 2million yen (approx 25000 USD).

We've come a long way

I'd love to know if there were any early adopters out there and what made you decide to fork over the cash.

PS the earliest Nikon equivalent that I can find is the D1 which was released in 1999 with a wopping 2.7MP sensor.

This might interest you:

Actually the RC 701 wasn't the first digital camera, although it probably was the first 'digital' SLR. The images were stored on a small floppy disc in FM.

The first Canon 'digital' camera was the RC251 (RC 250 in Japan) also known as the iOn. A joint project with Sony who launched a similar product called the Mavica.

The results from both were pretty appalling really, certainly if judged by current standards. I still have some images on the 2" floppies from both cameras somewhere.

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