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Re: Nex-5n

Don Christie wrote:

Mine arrived. Yesterday. And no clicking.
Don C

And yet I got mine a few weeks ago, and it's very definitely clicky. It was also recent production (STTC production facility, and bought from a very high-turnover retailer, so unlikely to be older stock). What I define as "clicky" is that it emits an audible (and more so to the movie soundtrack) click, even if moved a couple of degrees from perfectly horizontal in any plane, and even if I do that as slowly and gently as is humanly possible. Luckily, aside from noting it, it doesn't bother me much (because I don't shoot video much and am perfectly capable of causing far more undesirable effects by my own lack of expertise with video).

I think the theory about it being caused by a component in the shutter assembly may well be true, as the NEX-F3 (different shutter) is utterly silent in this respect.

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