D600 AF Coverage?

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Re: D600 AF Coverage?

Thanks for the responses.

That pretty much made my decision to not buy the d600. I have one waiting for me at a local shop where I put a deposit down before it came out.

I'm very bummed though. Of course there are some things I would prefer to be a bit different, but I was willing to live with them and it appeared the d600 was the perfect camera for me.

However, I find the d7000 AF coverage a bit limiting at times with the way I shoot, so the d600 is a showstopper then.

Thanks again

Varjohaltia wrote:

In my thread about this... I can't compare to D800, but compared to a D300, relatively, they're all in the center of the frame. First gut reaction was: "Why even bother, just use the in the center now." It certainly will affect the way I frame and compose and focus things.

Basically, it's like you take a DX AF grid and plop that on a FX view without scaling it. So if you crop to DX, the grid is what you're used to. If you use FX, they're all in the middle.

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