another WTB - D3200, D5100, D90?

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Re: another WTB - D3200, D5100, D90?

pixd90 wrote:

I would go with the D90 because you are on a limited budget and the D90 kit lens 18-105 is a good starting lens with a much greater reach than the 18-55 of the D5100,3200. I belong to camera clubs and get to hang with 5Dmark3,D800, D700, etc shooters. I don't pack up my gear when it gets dark.

You have to change your ISO expectaions. You seem to want a D700 low light capabilites on a lower end camera. Ain't guna happen, you have to adapt. Use a tripod, get a quality f2.8 lens, use flash, increase you ISO. If you are in a situation where you can't use flash or tripod, don't want grain, than sit back and enjoy the show or use post processing.

Once you get into DSLR's you will want to bracket, crop, 4.5fps and make use of the other fetures . You will then be glad you have them.

Also in a few years it will be easier self-justifying an upgrade from an old D90 than a 3 year old camera. Just met a professional wedding photographer that did all his pictures with a D90, still uses it today when teaching. Not a bad camera.

Appreciate your advice... im by no means expecting D700 low light performance on the D5100... these are 2 totally different beasts. im simply comparing the overall image quality of the D90/D5100. If im honest, i wont be doing that much night photography, id like to have a go, but it wont be what i mainly shoot. Sunrises and sunsets definitely, but not so much night. if the lens is the difference between a sharp dark night shot over the camera then this would sway me back towards the D90 - i just assumed the better ISO performance (simply because of better technology sensor) was what would produce this.

I suppose my problem is that im new to the DSLR world and not knowing what features will benefit me more under certain scenarios (i.e. night, macro shooting etc) its hard to make a firm decision. i dont particularly want (or could even afford) to upgrade in 3 years time so this camera has to last alot longer whilst i build a lens collection before upgrading - and this is probably the main reason why i dont want the D90 as its already 4 years old and could be 10 before its replaced.

However what you have said does make sense and im now torn between the 2 once more lol.

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