6D with 11pt AF with one crosspoint?? I mean... wow

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Re: d600 cross points are all in the middle...

ultimoamore wrote:

There's something I don't understand: d600 has 9 cross point, but they are in the very center of the screen:


So why are they so important??? Aren't you going to focus and recompose anyway?
Or the external, not-cross-points are more accurate than canon's?

(honest question, don't know a lot of focusing systems...)

Good observation (about the D600 cross points).

To your question: no, focus and re-compose is too slow for me. I do not shoot sports and action (in the real sense). But when shooting the kids I usually have to compose, focus, check exposure and pick the decisive moment in less than a second before I press the shutter. If slower, the kid will already look the other way or stare into the camera.

Landscape is different of course, but then, I could do that entirely manually.

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