Scared to buy NEX 5N. Need advice from owners please..

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Re: It's a crappy camcorder. Buy a camcorder

Tony Hall wrote:

It does overheat quickly and easily. If you're buying it as a camcorder, you will be disappointed. Buy a camcorder.


Did you read my whole post or just skim through it?

I said I'm on a 490$ budget here.

What video camcorder do you know of with an APS-C sensor that costs that much?

Actually If I'm correct. I think the real price of that equipment would cost 2,000 dollars or more.

Not to mention its going to be massive and no concert hall in their right mind would allow you into the place with something like that.

The reason the NEX 5N is overheating must be due to a design flaw. I've read the NEX 5 didn't overheat like this.

Please let me know what other cameras with large sensor and fast glass I could get for the price of 500$ thank you.

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