6D AF not as bad as you think

Started Sep 20, 2012 | Discussions thread
Thomas Richter Regular Member • Posts: 114
Here is how it is

ZAnton wrote:

I don't need my camera to focus on the black hole.

I need it to focus reliably in dim light (e.g. restaurant) and to have several reliable AF points (thirds rule or close), so that I must not recompose when shooting at f/1.4.

Canon (as usual) made everything vice versa.
We have one mega-super-AF in center and (de facto) none outside.

Also the center point is "mega-super" only with respect to low light sensitivity.
It is not a double-cross, like in the latest Rebel and even older xxD models.

Double cross means there is one cross sensor sensitive at f5.6 and another one rotated 45 degrees with high precision at f2.8.

So Canon designed things such that you cannot clearly say "better or worse".
Just better or worse in some aspects (nice marketing BTW).

Now you need to decide which aspects matter most to you. If you shoot mostly in pitch darkness, with your subject in the dead center, then the 6D AF is for you. All others may want to go a different road.

All who do not realize this, will pay Canon $3000 for the 6D kit, then another $3500 for a 5Dmk3 body. Totals $6500 to get a camera with decent AF and low ISO banding. Nice try.

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