Panasonic14mm f2.5 now or save up for the 20mm f1.7?

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Re: Panasonic14mm f2.5 now or save up for the 20mm f1.7?

Joe186 wrote:

20mm f1.7 - $350 (average street good deal)

  • Pros - Faster shutter options, better bokeh, sharper

I think you probably mean "more background blur" rather than better bokeh, because the bokeh of the 20 is really quite ugly (much worse than from the 14) although of course it is capable of producing more blur.

I don't find it sharper than my 14 either, but there may be more sample variation with the 14 as I read reports that it is "no better than the kit lens" which I find is absolutely not the case; the 14-45 is as good as kit lenses get but my 14 is noticeably better.

  • Cons - Twice the price, slower focusing (really?)

Yes. Really.

Q1 - Price aside, is the image quality of the 20 REALLY so much better, that it's worth giving up the lighting fast focusing of the 14?

Choose based on needs. The two lenses are different (especially in FoV) and are not competitors. There is no significant difference in image sharpness unless you specialise in shooting eye charts, and if anything the 14 is better in other aspects like smoothness of blur.

Q2 - Are the famous low light capabilities of the 20, so great, that it will actually focus better in low light than the 14?


Q3 - ALL other factors aside, same camera, same photographer, same everything, which lens REALLY produces visually better, total image quality?


Q4 - Concerning camera shake / blur, does the extra width of the 14, basically equal the faster shutter speed potential of the 20, i.e. a wider (shorter zoom) lens tends to take a more shake free, stable photo.

Only if you never shoot anything that moves.

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