Scared to buy NEX 5N. Need advice from owners please..

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Scared to buy NEX 5N. Need advice from owners please..

I've been reading very bad reviews and news about the NEX 5N.

Main concerns I have before buying it. Please answer these if you can.
If you only have answers to a few let me know.

1. I'm reading this camera suffers from an effect known as "Jelly cam"

When you're shooting video it looks like jiggling jello? Can someone comment on this.

2. I've been reading the camera over heats easily and you can't film beyond 8 minutes in some cases. (Let me know on this one because I'm really afraid of the overheating)

3. I've been reading the camera "clicks" when auto focusing or when shooting video.

People on amazon reviews said they sent the camera in to be repaired and it still had the issue upon being "fixed"

4. If these problems exist. Is there another APS-C or micro four thirds camera available for around 490$ price range. I'm on a budget and I need the best camera possible.

From all the bad negativity Ive seen surrounding this camera. I am wondering why amazon is still selling it.

If you could please let me know what your thoughts are. It would be much appreciated

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