New M and the "Leica Look"

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Re: bitter much?

I'm not bitter at all I'm ecstatic. M is preordered and I can't wait. Enjoy your gear.

photomeme wrote:

Wow jammer. Bitter much?

Leica achieved marvels with miniaturization and released the industry's first successful full frame camera without an anti aliasing filter. (No the Kodak 14D doesn't deserve the title.)

In the latter, Nikon is a follower, not a leader.

CMOS is an inherently noisier technology, and the impetus to adopt it was cost, frame rate potential and ease of ad ons like live view. The piles of $ spent on shoehorning noise reduction on chip only paid dividends after generations of plasticky cameras and particularly poor base ISO performance that arguably persists today.

I left Nikon for Leica superior color performance and distinctive look without antaliasing, content to shootat marvelous base iso. .I do not need a machine gun or live view, thank you very much.

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