Traveling through Oregon

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Re: Traveling through Oregon

Much enjoyed, Mike.

I lived for several years out in Bridal Veil, near the abbey and not far from the falls. It was a while ago, but well remembered, across the seasons. A book of poetry came out of the senses of friends and places coming and going on the winds, which would change the sound of my stringed instruments in a few minutes with their passing.

Well, those were the times. I was doing a couple of kinds of musical show, and I think tooling down running r&d projects to being an internal consultant while I did this. And then came along the girl, and I moved to the Clackamas Valley, definitely also worth it.

So many years later actually, the life in the changing tableaux of the Columbia and the woods and persons out there. Before windsurfers, etc., though they were to come, below the hidden tarns up the hillside to the levels of plateau.

Well, many hidden places out Eastern Oregon's direction. You might well enjoy a novel which has some striking scenes out there, and in general. It's Phases of Gravity, by Dan Simmons. I don't think I'll try to describe it, but it's straight, a bit military, and thinking of conversations we've had, I think you might like it.


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