OK, I like my 5n, but are there any flash options?

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Re: OK, I like my 5n, but are there any flash options?

Tommygun45 how did you position the flash for these 2 flash photos (DSC01960 and DSC01917)? Was it bounce or direct? also was flash used in the DSC01919 shot? and what shoot mode were you using (manual, aperture/shutter priority, auto)? I also have a F20S with a 18200 lens so am interested in your results.

Tommygun45 wrote:

Get the F20S. Its very good. A little big for the body, but, well its just a matter of physics.

It gives you the option to bounce or to go tele and it directs the flash directionally. Also comes with a diffuser.

The first two are a no flash in the room I was in, then with flash. The second is about 30 yards away. The two people are in the very top of the frame, right of center, they turned around and with the 18200 it produced that. Pretty amazing.

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