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Re: Makes no sense

Let me clarify my original post.

First. Some on this thread keep talking about how bad government is and how bad taxes are.

I was pointing out how illogical it (for some of these same people who hate taxes) is to be ok with government paid soldiers to sacrifice their lives for this country but they think taxes are bad. How about people thinking of taxes as their part for the country.

So, no, I don't think others should pay taxes and not me. I think the tax structure should reflect what makes a country strong and reflect caring for our own people and investing in that and providing the opportunity for everyone.

I don't think in any other time in the US history were taxes cut while two wars were going on.

If you look at the tax structure when the US was rapidly growing and people were bettering their lives because of free education and low cost higher education, the taxes were much higher than today. We have essentially stopped investing in our own country. Because of globalization it is no longer about "the country" until there is a need for the military to go protect corporate interest. Then it's rah rah nationalism. In the 10 years since the two wars began, college graduate's starting pay has dropped 10%. The cost of a college education has tripled. Not a good trend for the US.

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