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Ok, here I am, a "PRO" guy who makes videos that pay the bills using an A57. First of all it would be very helpful for us if you could upload your samples to Youtube, so we can see what's wrong. Several points to consider:

  • Automatic MOVIE MODE may be good for some occasions, but most of the occasions, it's not. Why, because everything is automatic! Zero control. To make a good looking video, you must set controls (like ISO, aperture, "filming" speed and so on". Good videos are all about controls.

  • Try to film stuff at ISO 100, basically as low as you can. For normal days (sunny, cloudy, whatever), ISO 100-400 should be good enough with the stock lens (that has 3.5 max aperture). If you can buy yourself better lens, with more aperture (like 1.4, or 2.8) the better. More light for your sensor can only spell good things for you.

  • My filmmaking ventures with the A57 have made me decided that going over ISO 1600 with the A57 is generally a bad idea. Even at night Video will look sloppy and noisy, like an old camcorder. Mind you, high ISO's are not a problem with only this camera, bigger Fullframe equipped DSLR's also have this issues. High ISO is not your friend.

  • Always try setting your movies to the highest quality AVCHD settings possible. In the A57's case, it's the 60p 28FX setting (or something like that). If you want lower framerates, use the highest quality 24p setting (choose the setting where the second number is the highest). Don't ever film with the MP4 setting, it's just sucky.

  • Always try to film where there is light. If there isn't light, turn some one! If you try to film your black kitten bouncing around the dark living room at mid afternoon or at night, you're going to be sorely dissapointed with the results. Trust me, I've tried.

  • If you use autofocus, try using it only in the day. I find that Sony's AF work's way better than other brands offerings, but since the A57 has livepeaking, i tend to use manual focus more and more these days. As I mentioned above, I like having CONTROL.

  • Regarding your PC, If you have the latest Windows (7), use the Windows Media Player to view the MTS files. It actually can also let you preview the files in Explorer, so that can come in handy pretty fast. I only have had trouble using other software (like VLC), and as several people pointed out, AVHCD can take a toll with slower video cards. It's just the nature of the file format

Finally, so most of you don't think I'm talking out of my ass: Here is an example of a recent video I filmed using an A57. Disclaimer, the camera was recently purchased in that time (in June), and coming from using a Canon T2i, i had trouble setting stuff during the filming of this event. The event is at night, Iso's used are mostly 800-1600, some 400's are there though. The lens used is the Sony 50mm f1.4. Youtube compressing quality also doesn't help much... but try to watch it in 1080 resolution > >


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